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You are here at the perfect time!

Are you ready to move past the FEAR and let your light shine?

The Dojo offers you access to an exceptional team of practitioners offering Saito Komyo Reiki, Body Talk, Eden Energy, Spiritual Coaching and Business Consultation.  Teachers are trained to offer a complete Reiki training program, including weekly classes for practice and opportunities to go out into the community.

You are perfect just as you are…..let us remind you.

We have many returning customers that know and trust us as a solid partner on their personal and business path. Take control of your stress, learn tools to meditate and create peace.

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Saito Komyo Reiki is a powerful and super flexible personal tool. It offers a simple, step-by-step process to help you experience the bliss you are looking for. You can be all you dream. Power your life with the fastest growing alternative healing method in the world and get started on your path to True Freedom!

Professional Reiki healer doing reiki treatment to young woman

Healing Sessions

Reiki, Body Talk, Life Path Readings, Serenity Coaching and more.


Reiki Training

Saito Komyo Reiki training will give you a solid footing on creating your life of peace.

Your path to Health and Freedom

Love Life and Live It

Not only did our health change for the better, but our future is financially brighter too.

Need a way to get control of the chaos? Look no further!

Saito Komyo Reiki will create a path to peace.  It will help you build a DAILY serenity practice in no time so you can Live Life in Bliss.

Explore the Endless Possibilities for Your Life!

You have the power to change everything.  Begin with a moment of peace to feel the richness of YOU again….and then let the Saito Komyo Reiki Training take you to new levels of awareness and peace.

Why choose us?

  • Founders have over 25 years of practice
  • You will receive training in an authentic Japanese Reiki
  • Packages for long term Reiki sessions
  • Serenity Coaching for your personal or business life
  • Solid training for Reiki practitioners from 1st to teacher
  • Membership program to provide exceptional long term training
  • Opportunity to practice at The Dojo
  • Teachers with over 20 years training in Energy Field