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2017 Summer Offerings

We’re recovering!  Taking some time to follow our bliss this summer.  Lorie will be offering website design and Reiki sessions are available on Thursdays in Spruce Grove.  For all 2nd and 3rd Degree Students, we are running the postponed Okuden class this summer as well.

Thursday Reiki Sessions in Spruce Grove

Okuden (3rd Degree) July 8th & 9th in Edmonton

Our Blogs

Meditation or contemplation?

Meditation or Contemplation "Prayer is asking. Meditation is listening." Meditation practice is not something I grew up with. I come from an Irish Catholic family with strong ties to the distillery so prayer was more my norm.  Fervent prayer.  Always asking and...

Parenting without guilt Part 2

Part 2"Love your kids unconditionally.  Discipline them unemotionally."                                                                       Lorie SaitoIn Part 1, we talked about the difficulties of parenting without guilt and getting into power struggles with kids....

Keeping Your Practice Alive

After your Reiki training, moving into the 'regular' world and shining your light can be a bit difficult.  And life comes along with its regular routine and the focus shifts.  We know it's hard to stay balanced and in sync with our spiritual practice when the...

Kids Kamp

Kids are different these days! And we’ve got a different camp!  We see kids all the time who have a ‘different connection” . They somehow know things, have answers far beyond their years or maybe remember things not from this planet. We know it sounds weird to some,...

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