Who’s In Charge of Your Bus – you or your ego?

bus-blog-picYour life is like a school bus that is always in motion. Who’s driving your bus?  Your ego or you?

This reminds me of a bus driver in our area that drove a school bus for 42 years.  What if one day he got to his bus and the owner of the bus was in the driver’s seat?

You are the owner of that bus.

You have never taken the bus out on the road. Oh sure you have driven it in the parking lot once in awhile but never out for a serious ride.

But one day, you decide to be conscious of everything and you decide to take control of the bus.   Kenny, the bus driver (your ego), is more than a little ticked off.

“Who do you think you are? Do you know what you are doing? You can’t do that properly. I have been driving your bus for many years and now you just want to jump in and do my job!?.”

Kenny has a lot more to say to you about that, but you start the bus anyway and away you go.

Now Kenny is going to be in the seat right behind you, talking in your ear.

“You’re not doing it right. Don’t forget Johnny. You’re going too fast. You’re going too slow. Signal light!”, and on and on and on.

At these times in your life, you have a choice.

Do you pull over and say “You’re right Kenny, lets be safe” and let Kenny take over, or do you stay in charge of the bus, your life and say “Thank you” to Kenny with a smile?


After awhile, you start to get the hang of things, being aware, creating a new safe environment, proving to Kenny that you are in control.  Sure you screw up and oh yes, Kenny’s all over that, trying to remind you of the old ways.

Soon, you get a bit more comfortable choosing to be the driver.  You are more aware and conscious of the bus and all the jobs that you have to do.

You show Kenny that you care for the bus by fuelling it with premium fuel, washing it daily and especially keeping the inside clean. You will notice that Kenny is no longer right behind you, he has moved farther back in the bus.

He is still very aware of the job you are doing, reminding you if you screw up. So again, just say thank you to Kenny (with a smile). Eventually, looking in the rear view mirror (the past), you will see Kenny at the back of the bus with his hand on the emergency exit. He knows that you are awake, here, present in the moment of your life. He nods his head at you and says “when you need me, just call and I am there”.


Take control of your bus!  

Live consciously aware of every thought, word and deed. You will figure out that Kenny really wants you to drive the bus, to make those conscious decisions and to live your life the way you choose.

Who is driving your bus, Kenny or YOU?




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