Recently, I was asked to write something about the Shift that’s happening and how it’s affecting us.  The timing was divine – I was reading material prepping for our new Awakening Circle.  It’s all about the Shift!

I might be dating myself, but the first Global event to awaken our collective consciousness took place in 1987 called the Harmonic Convergence.  It was tied to an astrological event, and for the first time, the internet connected people all over the world in spiritual consciousness and meditation.  I was all over that.  Sent me on the path to where we are today!!!!

These events expanded and now 30 years later we are in connection with everyone at the same time.  AS IT HAPPENS!!   And the ways in which the internet is being used for spiritual purposes is astounding.

And we arrive at 2017, three years away from a futuristic sounding year 2020 – and what the heaven is happening?  There are signs of goodness and amazing evolution to love.  There are signs of war and death and absolute worst of ourselves that we can imagine.

But there are truly, many signs of hope for a changing world, for the possibility of a life here that answers all the prayers we are praying and the dreams we are dreaming.

And yet, we must still make one shift.   We have still one step to take…and that is entirely the purpose of all the energy stuff going on with us.  We used to be able to describe it with a list of physical symptoms, but we have reached beyond that now.  We are shifting everything on this earth now…’s all a part of it.

In the recently released 4th book in the series Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsh, we are acknowledged for being aware that we have not created the world we desire.

We are aware that the world is not the way it should be.  We KNOW THAT.  But we are not aware that we are aware.

In this last book of the series, Awaken the Species, we are told that knowing is not enough.  We must become aware that we are aware.

We must Awaken and remember who we are.  To fix what we know is wrong that is the only thing we have to do.  Because from that place of awareness, from that state of consciousness that says we know that we are aware, we will make changes instead of staying stuck in the mystery of how we let it get this way.

If we look at it by the numbers, it’s easy to understand why things are changing this way.

The digits of 2017 add up to 10 or 1.  ( Go ahead, add them all up – 2+0+1+7=10   1+0=1)

It is the beginning.  The start of a fresh 9 year cycle that will propel us along a new path.  What are we CONSCIOUSLY CREATING?    When we arrive at 2020 in 2 years a few months what will we see with our hindsight?

But the vibrations of the number one also represent Confidence and Creativity.  They are foundation of our ability to become all that we are meant to be here in this journey.  For without confidence and creativity, we will not move forward.  We will stagnate in an un-inspired life without consciousness.

This is the propelling vibration of the year.  To push past the limits and blockages that we allow to strap us to our old perceptions.  To embrace Who We Are.  Not in the human sense of success and riches. (Although those can be part of it if you choose).  Instead, Remembering, at the deepest level, that you know everything you need to know, that you have access to all resources that you need to have, that you are all you need to be in order to do what you choose to do.

There have been many changes this year.  We can look personally or globally and see the same shifting.  No one is immune to the rising of the vibration.

“Resistance is futile.  You will be assimilated.”  (I sure do miss Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek visions).  God says we will ‘Self-Select’ to become more aware, to live our lives with a focus on remembering and reminding others.  It means we have to choose, consciously decide, to evolve and become one with the new vibration.

We have been asking and praying, meditating, demonstrating, and visualizing a different world.  In Awaken the Species, and I’m paraphrasing, God says we’ve been ‘knocking down his door’ asking for help.  We must be ready to accept the changes to make that happen.

That requires a shift.

We are on the precipice of creating our New World….and no, I don’t want to add the word Order.  We will adjust to new paradigms.  We will shed all that no longer serves us and rise to a new vibration.

It will start with our personal life, extend to our families and communities and soon, we will reach beyond our vision to encompass the world in a state of peace.  It is, after all, what we’ve been singing about for generations.

For now, breathe in the knowledge that You are the right place, at the right time, experiencing exactly what you have created.  Which is powerful.  It means you are in the exact right place and time to create the next one.

Look within.


And if you need help believing how beautifully perfect you are, remind someone else of their perfection, and see the reflection of joy you have created.  That is you.