Your Life Path has a unique vibration

joyfulo-lady-with-love-your-lifeYour purpose and path here is as unique as your footprint.  There is only one reason we are here in this life.

We are here to create an experience.

There is no other journey.

Each choice is perfect.

There are no mistakes, no accidents.

You cannot fail to arrive at your destination.

You are here to decide who you are ‘being’.

We are all in this together.

So, in order to decide, our life path is filled with the world of duality, the world of opposites.  Living our life path means climbing some hills, forging some rivers and overcoming challenges.

Recognizing that life’s obstacles are merely opportunities to become aware of the experience, to become aware of the power we have to create our life…this provides us the moment to choose how we are ‘being’.

Each time we come to awareness of how we are ‘being’ in our world, we can make sure we are conscious in those choices.

The date we are born gives us a Life Path Number.  Numbers explain those challenges and give us the bigger picture.

Life Path numbers are sign posts and guides to how and why we do things in our lives.  They can be indicators to understanding our habits and behaviour patterns.

Numbers have vibrations and we can choose how to manage those vibrations in our world.   As we choose how we live, we become the best we can in our experiences.   That is our only journey.

“I started using almost anything I could to understand my powerful daughters when I was raising them.  I discovered this system when they were little.  It has been accurate, without fail, 100% of the time.  So even when meeting new young men, they would call and give me their birth dates to see what the numbers would say!“    Lorie Saito

Lorie uses a system of numbers from Dan Millman, author of the Peaceful Warrior Series.  He has outlined it in a book called “The Life You Were Born to Live.”  It’s available as one of our recommended reads.

Here’s a recent connection from the author about the using the system in her readings.

Dan Millman connects with The Dojo“Sounds like you are doing some good work. Best wishes from a colleague in spirit.” Dan Millman


Life Path Readings

In a one hour reading, the numbers will come together for you as reality.  You will see the patterns and habits that block your progress.

We’ll work together on some of the ways you can create a new path around those obstacles so that you can truly manifest your heart’s desires.

Check your health, finances, relationships and career to see how your numbers are shaping your world.   Recognize the Laws of Spirit that guide you even when you are not aware.

We check in with the cards to see what the messengers and guides have to comment about the situation in the present.  These are fun, unique readings using Lorie’s understanding of the numbers and her intuition to guide you both through the reading.

Need to make a decision?  Looking for just one more piece of information?  Let Lorie use your Birth Numbers and pull a card to check it out.

Readings are done online by SKYPE or ZOOM.