Meditation or Contemplation

“Prayer is asking. Meditation is listening.”

meditation-or-contemplation-blogMeditation practice is not something I grew up with. I come from an Irish Catholic family with strong ties to the distillery so prayer was more my norm.  Fervent prayer.  Always asking and beseeching, never listening.

No.  Meditation is not something I learned young.  But now, it is an essential part of my life.  As essential as my breath.

I had to train myself into it and that took a few years. Some days, meditation is not the easiest thing for me to accomplish. The thoughts drip through my mind like a leaking tap and every effort to still them or ask them to leave seems useless.

Did you know we have on average 60,000 thoughts a day?

And guess how many of those are light and blissful? Only about 20%!!

That means that about 48,000 worrisome, negative thoughts come through our minds every day! They occupy our time and lower our vibration.

It’s no wonder we need meditation to still our mind and bring some peace! That’s the way to find our bliss.

So, what do we do with the thoughts that keep coming?

My energy is all about creativity….and I love it, but stilling the mind is key to getting focus for me.

Meditation has been the only thing that can clear the clutter and settle my mind.

I’m a let-it-flow kind of gal, and I don’t want to restrict the thoughts sometimes, because I get my best ideas when I let go of all the daily stuff and let the higher thoughts in.

So I have developed a practice that leaves room for letting the good ideas in and still getting the peace of mind.

I use this for about 5 minutes before my regular meditation. It’s my Contemplation Time.  It’s how I get to a calm mind without resisting all the thoughts.

  1. Focus on your breath.
  2. Count to 4 on the way in, pause at the top, count to 4 on the way out. If you can go longer on the count do so.
  3. Breathe deeply at least 6 – 10 times.  Continue here breathing until you feel yourself calm down.
  4. Ground yourself, getting centered and feeling connected.
  5. Make a request to your higher self to open the flow for inspiration.  Make no judgment about the thoughts that come.
  6. Allow them to flow, settling in or leaving as they choose.  If they seem negative, just let them flow with ease, without judgment.
  7. Reach for the blissful thoughts, without resistance to the others.
  8. Bless each one, thanking it, allowing it to come in and grow organically.
  10. This is a time to let the answers come without restriction.  If you feel an idea is important, ask it to return after your meditation, hook into a piece of it and then let it go.
  11. Let yourself free flow until you become aware of your breath again.
  12. Breathe.

If you need to continue to contemplate, let the inspiration roll for as long as you need.

When you are ready…..

Flow into your regular silent meditation for at least a few minutes of breathing so that you experience calm and not excitement or anxiety. Let your awareness enter that you can create all that you choose.

Let your breath come back to calm and center.


You might want to jump up and run to your computer or pen and paper, but resist the urge.  Trust that the flow will come back to you.


This has been a life long practice that has resulted in some pretty cool inspirations.  I invite you to explore all the genius you have during your contemplation practice.

I keep a journal close when I do this exercise and will make notes and doodles about my experiences. Sometimes, I come back to these weeks later and discover that I already had the answer to a new question.

When I have a specific question or project that I am working with, I will write it down, put a lot of detail into the writing and spend some time with it before my practice. I ask for guidance as I begin. It is important to remember that we have access to all the information and energy of the Universe so there is no doubt that we will find an answer.

Don’t worry about the endless thoughts anymore.  Let them roll and allow the process to take place.  You will get it.

I hope this helps get past the endless thoughts…..

Just in case, here’s another way to find stillness.   Our downloads of guided Meditations @ The Dojo are absolutely perfect for getting the thoughts out of your head.  My hubby Rob’s voice is amazing and I know you will be lulled into peaceful bliss with any of them.

You can join us at our Meditation Circles each week if you are local.  They run Tuesday mornings at 10 am and Friday evenings at 6:30.

Enjoy the journey.
Remember.  No Judgment…of yourself, of the process, of the thoughts, of any of it.

Breathe in bliss…..all ways!

Love your life