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Tidbits and tips on how to live a human life with a spiritual perspective.

Awaken and Remember

A book study of Conversations with God

Book 1:  An Uncommon Dialogue

Wednesdays @ Lifestyle Meditation

Edmonton, Ab


I Should have listened to my Guides

  Do you ever get the feeling that maybe you should have listened to that tiny whisper of a voice telling you to do something? I Should Have Listened to my Guides.  I don't like the word should. I normally change it to could. So I could  have listened to the...

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Super Moons and Shifting

Meditating through the shiftWow, what a powerful 6 weeks it's been! A Super Moon Eclipse! And last night's Super Moon is influencing us in a huge way. Along with 4 planets that are in the morning sky. If you are experiencing the sleep disruptions that are so common,...

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Keeping Your Practice Alive

After your Reiki training, moving into the 'regular' world and shining your light can be a bit difficult.  And life comes along with its regular routine and the focus shifts.  We know it's hard to stay balanced and in sync with our spiritual practice when the...

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Kids Kamp

Kids are different these days! And we’ve got a different camp!  We see kids all the time who have a ‘different connection” . They somehow know things, have answers far beyond their years or maybe remember things not from this planet. We know it sounds weird to some,...

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