The Principles of Reiki

Each day, a Reiki practitioner will sit in meditation and chant the Precepts of Reiki as the beginning of their daily practice.  This is followed by a routine of traditional hand positions during which they allow the flow of Reiki energy.

Today Only (Kyo Dakewa)

Do Not Anger (Ikaruna)

Do Not Worry (Shinpai suna)

With Thankfulness (Kansha Shite)

Work Diligently (Gyo wo hageme)

Be Kind to Others (Hitoni shinsetsu ni)

Including Myself (To Watishi Ni)


Usui Sensei borrowed these words from a Japanese author in the early 1920’s and adapted them for his students. We have added the last phrase. Chanting these precepts has had profound effects on Dojo students and Reiki student’s worldwide. Included in the daily practice is a meditation to open the practitioner as a clear channel of this energy and to boost their connection. A practitioner will learn this meditation during their Shoden (1st Degree) training.

A Reiki session is a blissful way to have your balance restored and to come to center.  As a regular, daily meditation, Reiki can add a whole new dimension to your personal experience.  The most important decision a Reiki student at The Dojo makes is to commit to a daily meditation practice.  Successful practitioners are those that create time and choose to make meditation a high priority in their daily lives.

Worldwide, Reiki is taught in either three or four degrees.  Each degree brings the student deeper along the journey to self-awareness and enlightenment.  At The Dojo, we offer four levels so that the training is extensive and detailed.

The focus of the first two levels is a therapeutic one, to create a happy and healthy life for oneself and for the others that one helps.  The third and last level expand the focus to the spiritual aspect so that they have a deeper focus on enlightenment. Each level is not considered an ‘advancement’ on the previous, but rather each level simply has a specific element of the overall teaching to convey.

Become a conscious manifester of your life


Saito Komyo Reiki Degree Classes

Whether as a Shoden (1st degree) Healer who uses Reiki as a personal meditation and stress relief tool or as Shihan (teacher), sharing your wisdom and knowledge, The Dojo is available to explore the wonder of this miraculous magical energy.  Our focus is to create confident practitioners, at whatever level you choose.

We offer an extensive training program that provides access to the teachers, regular attunement, scheduled training courses including practice circles and the opportunity to get into the Reiki room for real time sessions. Regardless of how far you go in your training, the first and foremost goal of Reiki is to achieve enlightenment.

Beginning with the first course, new members are introduced to the philosophy that underlies Saito Komyo Reiki practice. Special care is taken to ensure that new students receive personalized attention as they take their first steps on the path of enlightenment through Saito Komyo Reiki.  Mastery and continued study is dependent upon a strong foundation; therefore, beginners are carefully guided as they begin their path of self-healing, learning how to understand their own gifts and relate to the perfection in their life.

Shoden (1st) Degree – Self Healing

In this 2 Day course, you will undergo a transformation in your understanding and in your perception of who you are and what you are doing here. It is an intense two days filled with interaction and meditation.  You will learn a basic knowledge of Reiki history, learn tools of Reiki Ryoho (hands-on healing art) for self-healing and a mediation practice for you to use each day. You will receive one shirushi (symbol) and four attunements.

This 2-day course covers a lot of material.  The most important factor in this degree is the willingness on the part of the student to dedicating themselves to changing their habits to new ones.  By learning the tools for Reiki meditation and healing and committing to daily practice, a first-degree student will gain success and change.    You will receive an email each day for 21 days to assist in your process.  Accessing Reiki sessions and the teachers is a powerful way to take the best advantage of what is available to you here at The Dojo.

The first level opens the doors to the awareness of ourselves as an energy being.  Here we take responsibility for our own healing.  Students will go through a transformation, of physical, emotional and spiritual awareness.  This allows the evolution of the ego and the mind so that the student can ‘move themselves aside’ and allow Reiki to flow. The first degree has one symbol. The journey begins to see ourselves as spiritual beings, practicing seeing our inner light and exploring ways to share it with the world at large.

For 21 days after this 2-day class, students receive an email containing reminders of the daily meditation practice and notes of encouragement to help them through the first part of the journey.  It is important at this stage to establish a connection to the Reiki energy.  Regular attunements, Reiki sessions and counsel with Shihan Robert and Lorie Saito will assist the student with this as the transformation occurs.  Students who have taken advantage of regular access to training and the teachers have been the most successful.

Course time:  12 hours   Fee: $250        Refresher:  $100

Chuden (2nd) Degree – Healing Others

This course will make Reiki more practical, less esoteric.  You will deepen your self-practice and begin to understand how to connect to the Reiki energy and practice Ryoho, the healing art. You will learn 3 shirushi (Reiki symbols).  At this degree, you deepen your therapeutic practice and learn how to open others to the therapeutic path of Saito Komyo Reiki.
You will learn the basic hand positions, how to manage a full session, and how to do distant healing.  This 2-day course allows students to get to the tables.  To create confidence, and find a space to ask questions and learn from others, we encourage our students to explore the Reiki practice with other. It’s part of the reason why we opened The Dojo, to provide a community for learning.

The time spent at Chuden Degree varies, but we encourage Practitioners to take their time here.  Learn what they need to really know this level of Reiki Ryoho before they move on.

At this level the therapeutic aspect deepens as the student becomes a Practitioner and begins to use Saito Komyo Reiki to assist others. While students are encouraged to do this, the focus is still on a deeper path of self-awareness.  During this two-day course, three symbols are taught and training focuses on healing others and practicing a deeper self-awareness.

As a healer, you will transform even deeper to become aware of each person, including yourself as a perfect part of the Whole of this Universe.  When we can see the spirit of each being, we can see the perfection.  Reiki is the universal energy, the life force that is in everything.  As healers, we exist without ego to allow the client to use the Reiki that channels through us.

A Practitioner does not do the healing but is an intricate part of the process. A Practitioner will step out of the way so that the Reiki can do the healing.

Course time: 12 hours     Fee: $350      Refresher:  $100


Okuden (3rd) Degree – Inner Teacher

At this level, we gain access to the spiritual aspects of Reiki.  We go within again to become masters of ourselves, to explore our own wisdom and discover our journey to enlightenment.  Practitioners who decide to take Okuden will know when they are called to do so.  Remember it is not a matter of advancement but one of deepening our journey to Satori (inner peace).

You will enter the inner teaching of Saito Komyo Reiki.  You will learn to focus on your spiritual cultivation and growth.  With four attunements, you will learn the final Shirushi and open to your own spiritual voice, your own inner teacher.

Okuden is intended for those students who would like to deepen their study of Reiki as a spiritual practice and therefore increase their own inner peace and harmony.  It is also for those who want to consider Shinpiden (teacher) Degree.  It is a two-day course.

Course time:  12 hours   Fee: $550     Refresher:  $100

Level Three introduces the Practitioner to the more spiritual aspects of putting the Reiki principles into action in your daily living.  This degree includes attunement to the fourth shirushi (symbol) and how to use it.  After receiving this degree, the student will again go through a transformation as they seek to discover their own inner wisdom, shedding those things that no longer serve their journey.  Students may or may not wish to continue to the last degree from this point.  At The Dojo, we look forward to our Okuden Practitioners sharing their experience and their journey with the beginner students.  Their wisdom and knowledge of their path assists in many ways.

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Shinpiden (teacher) Degree –  Teaching Others

A small percentage of Saito Komyo Reiki Practitioners become ready to teach and share their life in Reiki on a continuous basis. An Okuden student may apply for Teacher Training by submitting an essay describing their Reiki journey and what they have learned to share as teacher.

At this point, the student will undertake training to teach classes, run their own Dojo, assess students, work with young practitioners inside sessions and counsel both clients and students through their journey.  This is yet another step along the path to enlightenment as we become student again with everyone we teach.

 Shinpiden (teacher) Degree Practice – Teaching Others

Teacher training is an individual path.  True teachers are those who keep the path of their practice consistent and evolving.  Those who choose to dedicate their path to Reiki each do so in their own unique manner.  As you become aware of your interest in committing yourself to this path, please approach us to discuss how we can best unfold the journey with you.

At this level, and through extended training, the role of Mastery exists only as a path to mastery of oneself. We live the principles of Reiki in everyday life, honoring each person’s path and creating opportunities for the sharing of gifts.

There are some restrictions to becoming a teacher with The Dojo, so please contact us for more information.