Are you suffering in any way?

Hard to move, tough to get up?

Always in pain?

Does life feel like a struggle?  Overwhelming?

Your Doctor doesn’t know or understand?

Don’t want to keep taking pills?

You are not alone.

In our practice, these are common statements from our clients.

Saito Komyo Reiki can help you with your pain and suffering, whether it is physical or emotional.

As Reiki Practitioners, we do not diagnose what is wrong.  In fact, sometimes it is better for us not to know.  Reiki is a modality that creates an opportunity for the client to have their own individual experience with the energy.  There are no two sessions alike.  Each client reacts differently to the next, even when the condition is the same.

In our 12 year practice, in thousands of sessions, our clients have reported as many different individual responses to the session.

A sampling of conditions Reiki has assisted





Chronic pain



Death in the family

Assisting people pass with grace

Pregnancies & Birth

Post-Partum Depression



Broken bones; arms, legs, tailbones, chests, hips, toes

Pre-surgery and post-surgery

Flesh eating disease





Self esteem

Relationship issues


Tests and exams, studying for school

Assisting in increasing the quality of life

And much more….including animals of all shapes and sizes, spaces, plants, kids, rocks and oils.

The Founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui, called it the ‘Miraculous Medicine to cure all diseases’.  We have found that while this sounds like an over-reaching statement, it is quite true.

Reiki can help with ANYTHING and it works as a booster to all modalities.

Consider a client with a broken bone for instance.   After a serious fall that caused a ‘spiral break’, their process included both the conventional medical system and Reiki.  They went first to the Emergency Room where the Doctor diagnosed it, set it, cast it and sent our client home with pain killers.  They were told to expect it to take eight weeks before the cast would come off because of the nature of the break.

The client came in with no pre-conceived notion of how Reiki would help heal.  Together we created a long-term healing plan designed around the doctor’s prognosis.  One session each week for eight weeks.

The client experienced a significant reduction in pain the first session and became active early on, around 18 days.  They were even able to do small household tasks.

At the regular three-week check-up the Doctor said,   “Whatever you are doing, the break is healing faster than expected”.  We were able to decrease the sessions to once every two weeks and the cast was removed at 6 weeks.  Two weeks earlier than expected with a perfect heal.

We have been blessed to have been involved in the healing that so many courageous people have done with Reiki.  In the next few months we’re going to share with you how Reiki has helped both our students and our clients.

So, keep following The Dojo for some amazing cases and stories that we will share with you in the following weeks.

By the way, all the names will be changed and maybe he is a she, all to protect the identity of our clients.

Do you have an experience with Reiki helping you?  We would love to hear your story.