Saito Reiki Kai

From the Founders of The Dojo:

Saito Komyo Reiki Kai

Saito – Our Family Name
Komyo – The style of Reiki we teach
Reiki – A Japanese form of energy healing
Kai – Group

We have been studying meditation and energy work since the late 1980’s. We practiced meditation for many years together and with our girls as part of their homeschooling. In the 90’s, an intense book study of Neale Donald Walch’s Conversations With God, with a group of people that lasted a few years, really set the stage for the spiritual philosophy that underlies the way we teach.

During the early 2000’s, we became involved with a Reiki Teacher and studied extensively for 18 months. We became Teachers in three strains of Usui Reiki. All of these, including Western Reiki, Tibetan Reiki and Karuna Reiki gave us the ability to teach teachers.

When we put it all together, we still could not really match the Reiki practice with our spiritual philosophy. Until we took our Teacher Training with Inamoto Sensei, founder of Komyo Reiki. As the translator of Usui Sensei’s original Reiki manual, this Japanese Monk understood the Reiki message differently that all the Western teachings and matched our spiritual philosophy.

We have been using Inamoto Sensei’s manual since 2007.

But Saito Komyo Reiki Kai is influenced strongly by the studying and training we have done together in the 30 years of our practice. It is influenced by the belief that we are spiritual beings first. That this journey here on this earth is to create a human experience. There is no judgment about it. You are merely a vessel for God to experience another human way of being.

As a Spirutal Being you have the capacity for unlimited potential. And with Reiki as a tool, one tool, you can accomplish all that you set out to do.

Through sessions and training, we strive to empower you to know and Remember Who You Are. A spirutual being in a human body.
And with that awareness, to manifest your life of loving.