Our Journey to True Health & Freedom

robandloriebusiness401X401We’ve been health nuts for a really long time.  Well, okay, one of has.

(Lorie…greens were a foreign substance in the food for Rob)

When we got pregnant with our first baby, in the early ’80’s, we started eating organic and went back to our hippy roots.  (Both born in the early 60’s).  We bought land in 1991, homesteaded and grew our own food, raised chickens, grew our own hay and even built our own straw bale house.  We homebirthed our three girls and then homeschooled them until they grew into beautiful women.


All the while, we thought we were feeding our bodies enought nutrition and whole food.  Then in 1999, Robert was diagnosed with Diabetes.  It was one of the genetic conditions we knew he had in his family, but we thought we’d skipped it.  We changed our diet again, following their health plan, with Robert testing his blood, feeling like he always had to watch every morsel of food. It was brutal. But we stuck with it.


For over 10 years.  Still, the condition worsened and he struggled to really have control over it, despite his tremendous will power.

At the same time, I (Lorie) was finding that dealing with anxiety and what was diagnosed as Fybromyalgia was becoming increasingly difficult.  An emergency surgery to remove a cyst resulted in the removal of an ovary and the immediate plummet into severe symptoms of menopause.  The hot flashes, night sweats and severe lack of sleep pushed me over the edge and I really went down hill.  Not knowing where else to turn, I went on bio identical hormones and found some relief of the immediate symptoms, but my overall health was still suffering.  I was using vitamins and support off the shelf.

Still, we moved further along the route to illness that conventional medicine takes us before we found the solution!  In the spring of 2012, Robert suffered two angina attacks which ultimately led to an angioplasty for two stints and a diagnosis of a serious Heart condition.

My knees were so sore at the end of a day that I couldn’t cook dinner.  I was only getting about three hours sleep a night.  When I went for a haircut, my hairdresser told me she had not seen such damaged hair before and that it was not growing.

We are sent nothing but Angels.  And for us, that is how we found our path back to health.  Really great friends asked us to consider another option for whole health.  They gave us research and science that showed the road to health was through supporting the body in doing what it does naturally and that feeds our thinking.

They showed us how getting healthy could lead to a new life of freedom and we listened.  Now, we eat a vegetarian diet as often as we care to.  We are dedicated to living an active, spiritual life focused on joy and creating health and freedom our way.  And we take our USANA supplements every day.

Robert has lost over 60 pounds and is the lightest he’s been since Grade 6.  (Remember we were born in the 60s, so that was a long time ago:).  Right after his surgery, he could not make it 50 steps up our (uphill) driveway without stopping.

Now as of this writing (January, 2015), we have both committed to completing the 5K Walk at the USANA Convention in August of this year.   I am pain free in my knees.  I have finally gained control over my sleep, the hot flashes and the mood swings.  I have more energy than I have had in years, a clearer mind and less symptoms of anxiety than I have had in over 4 decades.

And Robert?  Well, he’s racing me up our driveway and putting more greens in his morning shake than he used to eat in a year.  And we are committed to improving our health every day.

And that has been possible through our connection to USANA and the friends who introduced us.  They are more than friends now.  They are our team mates on our journey to health and freedom.

Never in a million years would I have thought we would be involved in direct sales!  But the way we feel in our bodies, how our lives are changing for the better in all areas and how this company has taken health care to a new level has changed everything.

We invite you to join us.

You will get out of life what you put into it!  You are worth a life that you love, of health, wealth and freedom.

Take the next step!

Get in touch and we’ll let you know how we did it.

If you would like to start right now, can’t wait?  Visit our (other) website here and look around.  But get in touch, because there are so many ways we would like to see you succeed!