Reiki. A Japanese term.

Rei - something mysterious, transcendental and sacred.

Ki -  the atmosphere or something subtle or the energy of the Universe.

Reiki is an ethereal, transcendental and sacred energy of the universe, which sustains all life.

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Reiki is a common Japanese term

REI (ray) means something mysterious, miraculous and sacred

KI (key) means the atmosphere or something subtle or the energy of the Universe, the cosmos

We know ki most commonly here in the west from the Chinese word chi for life force.  In Japan, it is ki.  In India, pranna, Hawaii, it is manna but there is a universal understanding and knowledge of this life force.

The Japanese words “Reiki” can be defined as a miraculous and sacred energy of the Universe, which sustains all life.

Reiki is a very common word in Japan. You would not refer to healing with just the word Reiki. You would add the word Ryoho (ree-yo-ho) which means Healing Art.  By combining these words, Reiki Ryoho, you are referring to the use of this mysterious miraculous energy of the Universe for healing.