Reiki. A Japanese term.

Rei - something mysterious, transcendental and sacred.

Ki -  the atmosphere or something subtle or the energy of the Universe.

Reiki is an ethereal, transcendental and sacred energy of the universe, which sustains all life.

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What can Reiki do?

The mysterious, miraculous energy of the Universe


Some of the immediate somewhat surface benefits that our clients have reported include:

  • Improved sleep
  • Less mind chatter
  • Increased ease of movement
  • More awareness
  • Less or no pain – even in chronic cases
  • More creative

These can last anywhere from 3 to 10 days, often the original problem does not re-occur.

Reiki has now been accepted at hospitals around the world and is used for healing at all levels.  This video is an excellent description of how Western medicine can accept the Eastern philosophy and use it to create a more healing environment.

Deeper healing for all situations

If you are dealing with a specific dis-ease, we will discuss with you a course of action that will complement what you are already doing.  Chronic pain can be dealt with using shorter sessions more frequently.  At The Dojo we focus on designing a plan that suits your intentions and your overall goals. As Reiki is a spiritual journey, we are considering the higher self in all healing actions, a spiritual solution that will allow the healing at a physical/emotional level. This school of thought complements all other forms of healing as Reiki empowers you to use all tools at your disposal to heal for the highest good.

Sometimes, we book sessions before and after surgery, chemo treatments, physio or chiropractor appointments. Reiki will create a serene field in the body in which healing takes place at all levels.

Our clients have also used their Reiki sessions to deal with difficult situations such as memorial services or anniversaries of traumatic events.  These are booked at the clients request and can assist in moving through painful events with more ease.

During their practice, Robert and Lorie have assisted their clients using Reiki to heal a multitude of conditions. Long term benefits have been found in the treatment of such conditions as Diabetes; Fibromyalgia; Cancer; MS, Autism, Depression; Post-Partum Depression; Psychosis; chronic pain; Bipolar; ADD; ADHD; Alzheimer’s.  We have seen clients in hospitals, treated ICU and CCU patients with heart conditions, flesh eating disease, broken limbs, surgical procedures and an extensive list of other ailments. Reiki can be used to treat all situations, whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.  Many of these conditions are treated over the long term, some for several months, even years.  The length and scheduling of appointments is custom designed to suit your world and your budget.


Dr. Sheldon Feldman on Reiki and Surgery

A wholistic team approach to your health care

A Reiki practitioner cannot diagnose or recommend treatment for any client.  While we are aware that the Reiki energy has powerful effects on the mind and body of our clients, we believe that working in conjunction with all aspects of the client’s health care goals are required to create a path to healing.  It is strongly recommended that you do not discontinue any medications or session plan your medical practitioner has advised unless you first speak with them personally. We would suggest you let them know that you are using Reiki to boost the effects of this treatment plan.

Reiki can improve the absorption of medications, sometimes requiring a change in dosage, so medical professionals can assist in monitoring this.  It has been the experience of clients and practitioners at The Dojo that clients who require regular testing should monitor their condition more closely.

Reiki for pregnant women and children

We have assisted clients through the birth process both from a distant and present as in our grandson’s birth.  In utero, a baby is a different energy signature and will respond to the Reiki usually by going to a relaxed state.  The expectant mother can find relief from the growing and changing body and connect to her baby in this stillness. Regular appointments through the pregnancy can result in a peaceful delivery and happier baby.