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Inner Peace.  Life Purpose.  

Unconditional Love

In just 2 days, you’ll know how to embrace the happiness that awaits your mind free from turmoil without living in the cubicles of quiet desperation until you eventually forget your dreams.


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” Our purpose with Saito Komyo Reiki has always been to train exceptional Practitioners and Teachers.  Our own experience has shown us that true Inner Peace is only accomplished through continued conscious choice about Who We Are Being.  We encourage our students to Know Themselves first through self-practice and then, in service of others, ask themselves:  What would love say?  What would love do?  And AM I LOVING MYSELF?. “

The Founders, Rob & Lorie Saito

THIS IS YOU:  Connecting every day to your inner quiet with a daily personal practice that feeds your soul and balances mind, body and spirit.


THIS IS YOU:  Able to detach from the negativity and chaos around you with such confidence that even the energy vampires can’t get to you


THIS IS YOU:  Following your heart, shaping your life around your Spiritual Path, living effortlessly and gracefully….like a Spiritual Warrior bringing peace to the world


THIS IS YOU:  Bringing joy to your family and friends by living your own truth with no judgment and total acceptance so that they can live with your total love and acceptance


THIS IS YOU:  Confidently managing your own stress and pain.

Shoden Degree

Self Healing in 1st Degree

This course covers a lot of material.  The most important factor in this degree is the willingness on the part of the student to dedicate themselves to changing their habits to new ones.  By learning the tools for Reiki meditation and healing and committing to daily practice, a first-degree student will gain success and change.

  • Complete step-by-step instruction for a 15 minute practice that will help you reverse all the damage from life's trauma without fear

  • A system that allows you to create a path for healing and awarness on SELF FIRST before you begin to heal others

  • 4 Reiju (attunements) to one symbol to awaken the energy within you that connects to Reiki

Students will go through a transformation, of physical, emotional and spiritual awareness.  This allows the evolution of the ego and the mind so that the student can 'move aside' and allow Reiki to flow.


The first degree has one symbol. The journey begins to see ourselves as spiritual beings, practicing seeing our inner light and exploring ways to share it with the world at large.


For 21 days after this 2-day class, students receive an email containing reminders of the daily meditation practice and notes of encouragement to help them through the first part of the journey.


It is important at this stage to establish a connection to the Reiki energy.


Students who have taken advantage of regular access to training and the teachers have been the most successful.


At this level the therapeutic aspect deepens as the student becomes a Practitioner and begins to use Saito Komyo Reiki to assist others. While students are encouraged to do this, the focus is still on a deeper path of self-awareness.


 As a healer, you will transform even deeper to become aware of each person, including yourself as a perfect part of the Whole of this Universe.  When we can see the spirit of each being, we can see the perfection.


Reiki is the universal energy, the life force that is in everything.  As healers, we exist without ego to allow the client to use the Reiki that channels through us.


A Practitioner does not do the healing but is an intricate part of the process. A Practitioner will step out of the way so that the Reiki can do the healing.


Chuden Degree

Helping Others in 2nd Degree

This course will make Reiki more practical, less esoteric.  You will deepen your self-practice and begin to understand how to connect to the Reiki energy and practice Ryoho, the healing art.

  • Learn 3 Symbols which bring vibrations for physical, mental & emotional and spiritual in healing. 

  • Deepen therapeutic practice  learn the basic hand positions, how to manage a full session, and how to do distant healing.

  • Share Reiki from a distance when you learn the steps for connecting and doing a session with someone not present. 

Okuden Degree

Discover Your Wisdom at 3rd Degree

At this level, we gain access to the spiritual aspects of Reiki.  We go within again to become masters of ourselves, to explore our own wisdom and discover our journey to enlightenment.   Remember it is not a matter of advancement but one of deepening our journey to Satori (inner peace)

  • Open to your Spiritual path and learn focus on your spiritual cultivation and growth 

  • 4 Attunements to the last symbol which is key to unlocking the Spiritual Hands of Reiki

  • Deeper focus on self awareness  to gain the power to manifest life as the creator of your world.

Level Three introduces the Practitioner to the more spiritual aspects of putting the Reiki principles into action in your daily living. 


The student will again go through a transformation as they seek to discover their own inner wisdom, shedding those things that no longer serve their journey. 


In Saito Komyo Reiki, it is at this Degree that most students begin to practice on others in earnest. In other Reiki strains, this is where the title of 'Master' is given.  

Successful Practitioners Commit to Self Healing


As a regular, daily meditation, Reiki can add a whole new dimension to your personal experience. 


The most important decision a Saito Komyo Reiki student makes is to commit to a daily self practice.  Successful practitioners are those that create time and choose to make meditation a high priority in their daily lives.


Worldwide, Reiki is taught in either three or four degrees.  Each degree brings the student deeper along the journey to self-awareness and enlightenment

.Average Time between Degrees

Shoden (1st) to Chuden (2nd)  3 – 6  mos

Chuden(2nd) to Okuden (3rd) 6 – 12  mos

Okuden (3rd) to Shinpiden (4th) 12 – 36 mos 

Teacher Training  12 months to certification


First two levels are therapeutic, to create a happy and healthy life for oneself and for the others that one helps. 


The third and Teacher levels are spiritual, and focus on enlightenment.


Each level builds on the one before, creating pathways for self awareness that are manifested from the students experiences and willingness.

Refreshing 1st & 2nd is common

The process of moving from 1st degree to Teacher will take a minimum of 3 years, usually closer to 5. 


The longer, the better!  While we do not assign a set schedule or pace for the student between these degrees, once they move to Teacher, there is a year long training that provides the best Teacher training for Reiki in the world.


Many, many of our students will repeat 1st degree, even more than once.  It is life changing and the transformation is unique each time they take the course.  We encourage them to ask for attunements as often as possible to boost their Reiki.

Shoden Degree

Self Healing


Step-by-step daily practice

Disconnect from negativity

 21 Day Guided Module 

About the Founders of 

 Saito Komyo Reiki Training

We met in 1982 and knew immediately that we were meant to create something special together.  We just didn't really know what!


Lorie was working at the Number One radio station in the city - broadcasting the Edmonton Oilers' games as they won their 5th Stanley Cup and the Edmonton Eskimos with the Grey Cup...huge celebration as our city became the City of Champions!   Heading up the Marketing Department was a slice of Heaven for a young girl who loves sports!!!


Rob was a brilliant skier and they met at a media ski night at one of the local ski clubs and it was, well, it was like that old song..."Across a crowded room....."  we knew instantly.   We have been in spiritual partnership since we met and have infused every area of our life with the intention of conscious awareness.


Our life has been an eclectic journey through sustainable living, homesteading, home birth, homeschooling and even building a straw bale home and sharing that knowledge for 7 years.  We are grateful stewards of a beautiful slice of earth that we share with the over 73 species of birds and the wildlife that inhabit it.  


Concentrated spiritual study led to Reiki and an open door to explore all things that called us, and we followed.   

We have been trained as Teachers in 4 strains of Reiki (Usui Western, Tibetan, Karuna & Komyo) and after all of that training, we felt the spiritual connection was still missing.


We developed a simple system called Saito Komyo Reiki that connects the dots of Who We Are as Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience.    It has served us and our clients REALLY well.


We opened the first Reiki Dojo in Canada in 2008 and we have dedicated those years to sharing the true purpose of Reiki, which is to create inner peace.


At this writing (2020), Lorie is working on her Bachelors in Metaphysical Science.  We are excited to be offering a large selection of our teachings as online courses and will be expanding those as the years grow.  


In 2018, after graduating as Shihan (Teacher), Tamara Maisonneuve approached us...well....really pushed develop a path for other teachers to share.  With gratitude forever, we have followed that request and now can see the growth of Saito Komyo Reiki beginning across our province and even Internationally! 

Some of the things we have been blessed to experience:

  1.  Taught over 400 Reiki Students
  2. Founded the first dedicated Reiki Dojo in Canada in 2008
  3.  Delivered 2,500+ Reiki sessions
  4.  Practiced in every hospital in Edmonton, Alberta (10 + others in different cities)
  5.  Worked with hundreds of conditions, from broken bones to Breast Cancer, Flesh-eating disease to overwhelming anxiety.
  6.  Developed the first 21 Day Email program to follow up after each degree.
  7.  Certified 11 exceptional Saito Komyo Reiki Teachers through our unique step-by-step training including an in-class practicum.
  8.  Have spoken at Universities, Conferences and leading-edge Health Symposiums about the benefits of Reiki.
  9.  Have led Retreats around the globe including Costa Rica
  10.  Opened the channels of communication for our students between degrees for 10 years so that they are not stuck in the muck
  11.  We did all this without a coach or a teacher showing us the way. We had no playbook, no mastermind.  It took a lot of guts and a whole bunch of motivation to get this far.



Reminding Others of Their Light

Each one of our Certified Shihan has used Reiki (and many other tools) to create a life of self awareness.  As part of their path to Teacher, they have each gained unique wisdom through their Reiki practice and are dedicated to sharing their love of this Healing Art with all who seek to know it. 

Rob Saito


Rob has used meditation and Reiki to deal with his own life threatening dis-eases and shares his wisdom worldwide.

Lorie Saito


Lorie focuses on the underlying emotional and mental issues that create all physical dis-ease. 

Barb Reynolds

Alberta West

Barb's experience with Reiki reaches into hospitals, organ transplant families and an amazing story about choosing life.

Marilee Olesen

Red Deer & Area

Marilee is surrounded by horses, cows dogs and cats and loves to share Reiki as a path to feeling better about yourself. 

Prem Kaur

Edmonton South

Prem's experience living with a brain disease gives her a unique look at how to stay positive and she uses Reiki to help.

Sandra Fenske

Alberta North

Sandra focuses on the power of Reiki to heal the physical body and has even won a body building competition using Reiki.

Sara Smith

Parkland County

Sara's experience in the business world has enriched her understanding of using Reiki to move through challenges. 

Sharleen Horchuk

Parkland County

Sharleen is known for her unconditional acceptance of others and brings a soft, nurturing to her Reiki practice. 

Tamara Maisonneuve

Edmonton Downtown

Tamara brings a lifetime of seeking to know and understand her self and this path has led to her Reiki practice.


Birth of Reiki

Usui Sensei discovered he "had the mystery in his hands" after a 21 day meditation fast on Mount Kyoto, in Japan.  

Each day, a Reiki practitioner will sit in meditation and chant the Precepts of Reiki as the beginning of their daily practice.  This is followed by a routine of traditional hand positions during which they allow the flow of Reiki energy.

Chanting these precepts has had profound effects on Dojo students and Reiki student’s worldwide. Included in the daily practice is a meditation to open the practitioner as a clear channel of this energy and to boost their connection. A practitioner will learn this meditation during their Shoden (1st Degree) training.

The Principles of Reiki


Today Only   (Kyo Dakewa)

Do Not Anger   (Ikaruna)

Do Not Worry   (Shinpai suna)

With Thankfulness   (Kansha Shite)

Work Diligently   (Gyo wo hageme)

Be Kind to Others   (Hitoni shinsetsu ni)


Including Myself   (To Watishi Ni)  added by Saito Komyo Reiki


Hi Rob and Lorie,


I've just been reflecting on the past several years of my life and thinking about all the awesome people who have helped me get to where I am today. I just want to take a minute to say thanks. You two came into my life when I felt lost, stuck, and discouraged, and you helped me get back on the path of peace. You taught me to live with intention, and gave me an experiential revelation of the spiritual. You changed my paradigm of the world. I won't ever forget the times I spent at your little Dojo, and I will always appreciate your mentorship. You made a massive difference in my life. I couldn't be happier with the path I'm on now, and you helped me get there. Thank you.  Jonathan 


Hello Lorie and Robert 

Many thanks for your teachings and for the 21 day reminders in which I appreciated more than you know. When times became hectic for me, the daily reminders assisted in stopping me for a few minutes to read the reminder and provide me with the permission to enjoy time for myself. There is not a day that has not passed that I am either enjoying my Reiki practice or least allowing Reiki to travel through my mind and down into my soul. I have loved the reminders that I am worth time in my day to feel calm and peace without guilt. Several times while in the car I have reminded myself that we are all humans who are experiencing our troubles and to offer patience to our fellow travelers.

Shoden Degree

Self Healing


Step-by-step daily practice

Disconnect from negativity

 21 Day Guided Module 

  • Alberta, Canada



Together since 1982, Rob and Lorie have dedicated themselves to a holistic lifestyle.  They home-birthed and homeschooled three beautiful daughters. They live in their straw bale house and are stewards of 12 acres with their collie and the hundreds of birds animals that homestead with them.  Their only goal is to create a life of bliss!